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character designer based in toronto. sheridan animation grad; former nickelodeon intern. art, burds, fashion, inspiration.


hi there! i’m emmy! i’m a 23-year-old canadian-korean girl living in toronto. i’m a graduate of sheridan college for my BAA in traditional animation, and my focus is on character design, illustration, and visual development. in the summer of 2012, i interned at nickelodeon animation studios in burbank, CA :) i currently work as a character designer on ever after high.

i love everything and anything animation related! i’m also really into fashion and clothes and aesthetics. and animals. and food. and snowboarding.

i love to chat so don’t hesitate to drop me an ask! :D if i don’t get back to you, please don’t be discouraged — i have a habit of leaving things to sit a bit and forgetting. i also answer more frequently if you aren’t anon!

anyway, hope you enjoy your stay. browse my art tag and have a ball, yo!

what does “shaburdies” mean?

shaburdies = “it’s a birdie” melded and smooshed all together, after cooing it so many times it eventually just came out that way. i made it up in high school and it’s stuck every since! it is a word unique to me. :)

do you take requests?


do you take commissions?

not at the moment. please do not send me asks/email me with commissions, as i am swamped with full time work and would love to draw leisurely in my spare time. i will make a post when i am ready to open up commission slots.

what programs do you use?

i use photoshop CS6 for my digital stuff; i use default brushes, from the dry media drop down menu. traditionally i use pencils, pens, brush pens, markers…. i use anything i can get my hands on!

what is wingman?

wingman is my 4th year animated film that i completed in april 2013. you can watch it here. check out my tag for development and doodles!