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character designer based in toronto. sheridan animation grad; former nickelodeon intern. art, burds, fashion, inspiration.
Sep 23 '11

Anonymous asked:

do you watch anime? If so can you suggest some?

anon, unfortunately i don’t watch anime!!! but i do have a few good ones i really enjoy:

azumanga daioh (makes me pee myself laughing hahahaha. the characters are great and the humour can be a little hard to get at times, thanks to cultural barriers, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. it isn’t for everyone, though! it’s got the awkward kind of humour.)

eureka seven (COOL CHARACTERS, ANIMATION, PLOTLINE ETC!!! i loved this series. and it’s not too long, either. )

that’s all i can think about at the moment…. i kind of give up on them sometimes/don’t have time to finish (nana, paradise kiss, cowboy bebop, which i’m in the process of watching but i don’t have time :( )

i do really love some manga, though! yotsubato! is my FAVOURITE OF ALL TIME, it is the cutest manga ever and it makes me happy in so many ways. i think slice of life is my favourite genre of anime/manga.

if you guys know of any anime titles that are slice of life, can you recommend some for me? :) i don’t promise that i’ll watch them right away, since school won’t allow me to have much free time, but i’ll defs keep it on my things to watch!

  1. robotgrapefruit said: you should read Beck, it will make you want to play bass more :)
  2. dangerous-ladies said: homestuck
  3. hammerthewordsmyth said: Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad and Cromartie High School.
  4. awyeahmona said: Haibane Renmei & Dennou Coil & Hyakko & Kure-nai! Slice-of-life (or Hyakko is more an Azumanga-style comedy) with quiet plot and lots of girls girls girls.
  5. jamiekinosian said: I MIGHT HAVE TO MAKE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR YA- I think we have similar taste in manga.
  6. formerlyknownasvriska said: ooooo if you liked azumanga daioh you’d probably like nichijou, it’s kind of the same sense of humor
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