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character designer based in toronto. sheridan animation grad; former nickelodeon intern. art, burds, fashion, inspiration.
Apr 16 '12


and it was a huge success for everybody! we were the first year to have every single film complete, with no line tests or rough animation/boards. 

i would put a link to our film up, but since we want to enter it into festivals and whatnot, we’re not allowed to put it online. i’m sorry! wish i could show everyone the fruits of our labor. 8 months of blood, sweat and tears went into this film. :) and endless amounts of all-nighters went into post-production.

(also, the name on the poster is spelled wrong… it’s supposed to be “apocalatte”, not “apacolatte”. there have been so many spelling errors…..

also, if you’re attending sheridan and want to see the films (3rd year and 4th year) for yourselves, there’s a screening tomorrow at 1:00 at S235! :)

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    Every single film complete is fucking impressive.
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  5. ashazzminscreed said: Congrats Emmy!! I would love to see it someday!
  6. fairymascot said: IM SO SAD I CANT SEE IT… ah well, im glad your hard work came to such awesome-looking fruition :’)
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  9. doctormowinckel said: Looks slick. Can we get a couple stills of the finished product?