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character designer based in toronto. sheridan animation grad; former nickelodeon intern. art, burds, fashion, inspiration.
May 4 '12

favourite korra pairings in order (sorta)

  1. korra/asami
  2. korra/lin
  3. korra/bolin
  4. korra/every girl 
  5. korra/me
  6. korra/herself
  7. korra/korra/korra
  8. korra/mako

the end

i’m bad at making serious lists like this, it took a bit of thinking but i think i did a godo jobb.

  1. cdawgdraws said: DO IT!
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    sounds about right
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  5. churon said: LOL korra and you. Your wifey
  6. fairymascot said: really really good
  7. valley-of-ghosts said: what about korra/fighting? :D
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