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May 3 '13




OH MY GOD. a gifset. of my film. omg. i’m so happy i could cry. thank you!!!

Apr 23 '13


Basilisk - student short film by Ami Thompson (Sheridan college).
She had been intern at Ghibli and Disney studios.

wahhhhh ami!! so proud of you…..

Feb 21 '13
Feb 20 '13
Jan 31 '13

Julie Harris and Claire Bloom in The Haunting (1963)

we watched this film in class today and i loooved it, especially the character of theodora (theo, the one with the dark hair). beautiful, classy and snarky and quite openly lesbian, which was pretty rare during that time :)

i think i found a new style icon!

Jan 14 '13


Congratulations on your Golden Globe, Merida!

Jan 11 '13


“I’m not mean, I’m a thousand years old, and I’ve just lost track of my moral code”

Dec 28 '12
Dec 11 '12

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Nov 12 '12

Life is not a single-player game.

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Jul 29 '12


Cyborg Dan! (Also my first attempt at this sort of thing…)

i’m watching “the duke of detroit presents….” and i love cyborg dan! i like the noises he makes in the last gif

Jul 9 '12



Tahno’s-Crazy-Ass-Face Appreciation Post

i appreciate tahno and his expressions, and also, the secondary animation on his hair. it’s got so much bounce!

Jun 8 '12
May 31 '12
May 29 '12


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