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character designer based in toronto. sheridan animation grad; former nickelodeon intern. art, burds, fashion, inspiration.

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May 3 '13




OH MY GOD. a gifset. of my film. omg. i’m so happy i could cry. thank you!!!

Apr 23 '13


Basilisk - student short film by Ami Thompson (Sheridan college).
She had been intern at Ghibli and Disney studios.

wahhhhh ami!! so proud of you…..

Feb 21 '13

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Feb 20 '13
Jan 31 '13

Julie Harris and Claire Bloom in The Haunting (1963)

we watched this film in class today and i loooved it, especially the character of theodora (theo, the one with the dark hair). beautiful, classy and snarky and quite openly lesbian, which was pretty rare during that time :)

i think i found a new style icon!

Jan 14 '13


Congratulations on your Golden Globe, Merida!

Jan 11 '13


“I’m not mean, I’m a thousand years old, and I’ve just lost track of my moral code”

Dec 28 '12
Dec 11 '12

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Nov 12 '12

Life is not a single-player game.

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Jul 29 '12


Cyborg Dan! (Also my first attempt at this sort of thing…)

i’m watching “the duke of detroit presents….” and i love cyborg dan! i like the noises he makes in the last gif

Jul 9 '12



Tahno’s-Crazy-Ass-Face Appreciation Post

i appreciate tahno and his expressions, and also, the secondary animation on his hair. it’s got so much bounce!

Jun 8 '12
May 31 '12
May 29 '12


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