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character designer based in toronto. sheridan animation grad; former nickelodeon intern. art, burds, fashion, inspiration.

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Jan 22 '14



Let It Go, in 25 languages

the most important video on youtube dot com

Jul 17 '13


An interview Directed by Jason Nicco-Annan from my house in Accra Ghana in December 2012. I cringe at the sound of my own voice .

Shoutout to @jayenayy @djayjuls @LeseanThomas @TheChaseConley @Raynardfaux @iamcarljones

MY BUDDY GYIMAH IS SO COOL! check out his awesome interview. he’s one of the best story artists i know and we will be co-workers next week! :D

Jul 8 '13


Emmy sees Swommeng Anniemay pop up on her dash.

We’re no longer safe…. with smartphones, we are now able to catch extremely embarrassing moments on video without the person realizing….

The gifset I saw on my dash made me lose it pretty bad. With the stress of the commute home and my exhaustion catching up with me, I think I got sort of hysterical….

Jun 12 '13

Hyper budgie.

May 8 '13

Lady playing soccer with his paper star!

Apr 30 '13

a funny lizard….

Apr 30 '13

Ragen from Dan Sprogis on Vimeo.



My 2013 Thesis film from Sheridan College….check it out!

One of my favourites, this film has it all, animation, backgrounds and a great story.

Dans film is beautiful in so many ways. He has so much talent and his style is incredible! Check out his film, Ragen!

Apr 28 '13


I thought about  whether I should post this or not…so I decided I’d go with it and post on Tumblr and not on facebook because not as many people know my tumblr :)

My main focus of this film was to just make pretty backgrounds and I guess the industry people noticed and told me during my interview which I am very happy to hear :) Hey! I’m doing something right! 

JANNY’S BEAUTIFUL FILM. those backgrounds are OFF THE CHARTS!!!

Apr 26 '13


‘Merica! by Perin McLean

My best friend, Perin, FINALLY posted her film! It is absolutely hilarious!

perin’s my hero(ine)!!! she also did voices for quite a few films in our year (including her own) 

Apr 25 '13



Sanguine by Tracy Munch

My fourth year film at Sheridan College.

Frames were all painted in photoshop then put into After Effects for compositing, a little puppet animation and effects.

Enjoy :)

traceface’s film. it’s so …. tracy. aka it’s sexy. :D 

Apr 24 '13

Wingman by Emily “Emmy” Choi, Sheridan College Bachelor of Animation

Here’s my thesis film! I hope you enjoy! This was a huge learning experience and I thank everyone who helped along the way. :) Cheers!

Apr 9 '13

Lady was being very uncharacteristically quiet when I took him out this morning lol

Mar 31 '13

at about 0:42 seconds in, merida does this cute little nod after elinor looks at her. it’s hard to see on a tiny screen but when you pull it to full-size on the DVD version it’s clearly visible!

this is why i like to watch movies over and over again and never get tired of it, you get to catch little character moments like this and it’s so amazing. just watching background characters interacting and spending at least one viewing watching main characters when the focus isn’t on them in the scene is really fun! i love animated films…..

Mar 7 '13

A composited scene from my film. I had a lot of help from my talented friends who are well-versed in this stuff: Luke, Ben, and Manu. They are so good at this stuff, I don’t know what I’d do if they weren’t kind enough to help! I would link their blogs but I’m on my phone! I’ll do a post of friends’ blogs in the future.

I noticed the timing was a little off in some parts, and the glow from the TV starts too late; these are things I will fix over the weekend. :) For now, here’s a small look! (Knowing me I’ll probably keep changing and won’t ever be satisfied with it :p)

Feb 8 '13

watch minkyu lee’s “adam and dog” in full :) beautifully done, and with a touching and powerful story. it’s also up for “best animated short” in the oscars!